All-time top flight table – Top 40 English football clubs ranked by points won in the First Division and Premier League

English football has a long and proud history, with the first season of the Football League kicking off in 1888.

The competition was expanded to two divisions by 1892, eventually boasting four tiers as the professional game grew in popularity.

In 1992 the top tier broke away from the Football League, forming the Premier League, which has gone from strength-to-strength around the globe.

In that time, clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, and latterly Manchester City, have grown in stature, but while the Premier League has been around for 25 years, that still leaves 104 years of league history prior to the breakway.

So which clubs have racked up the most league points in that 129-year period?

You can find out in the countdown above.

NB. All league wins have been awarded three points, for consistency, in the ranking above, but up to the 1980-81 season, victories in the Football League were actually awarded two points. All statistics correct on Friday September 22 2017.

Manchester City

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